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This is our strategic partnership with Zoho Corporation to deliver 1-Stop-Solution for small and medium-sized businesses. We envision to be a single stop where businesses come to us for their various business requirements.


Zoho One from Zoho Corporation allows us at Orange Oranges Technologies to bring a suite of various software products to our customers so they can focus on their core business. Our customers can make a difference in this beautiful world and we are with you on this journey.


Zoho Products

For Customers

These Zoho products help us bring all your products and services to the Digital market place - SitesCommerce, Bookings, Pagesense Salesiq. They enchance your product & service visibility in the digitalspace and help you grow your business.


These Zoho products help you  and your employees bridge the employe-customer gap - Campaigns, Survey. Social & Salesiq. They enrich your understanding of your customers. So that makes a happy employee-customer relationship.

For Employees

Finally there are excellent prducts from Zoho to help improve productivity and efficiency - Workplace, Mail, Sign, Meeting. We  are your go to partner to help you with implementaionm setup and fine tuning of these products for your business.


Zoho Customer stories - Zoho has 50+ Million users worldwide from fortune 500 to small businesses. We join this amazing journey with Zoho. More at this link -

* Zoho and the Zoho logo are registered trademarks of Zoho Corporation. We do help in all business aspects, just ask us how.

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