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Looking for Google Workspace alternative?

Zoho Workplace is a secure productivity and collaboration suite that respects your privacy.

Save up to 50% by switching to the secure Productivity Suite

We are


Why switch to Workplace?


Extensive Control Panel

Manage your business emails from Zoho Mail’s powerful, easy-to-use Control Panel. Admins can set up individual mailbox quotas, privileges, email policies, group accounts, and more.

Your account—your privacy

Why allow someone to track and sell your data? We respect your privacy and will never turn your data into revenue. It's always fully encrypted, so only the intended recipients can view it and 2FA, EAR, S/MIME, and TLS add even more layers of protection to your data.


Fully-featured online office suite

Use our exceptional office suite to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. And get insights on it from Zia—your AI assistant. Share everything using our cloud storage and its collaborative features, made to enhance the productivity of your teams.

Stay connected

We're fully connected—Zoho Workplace has extensive integrations, not just with Zoho apps but with external platforms like Zapier, too!


What is included in ZOHO Workplace


All of Zoho Workplace’s business apps fall into one of three categories:

  • Team Collaboration

  • Office Productivity

In category number one, Unified Communication consists of:

  • Mail: Zoho’s web-based email hosting service comes with 30 GB of storage per user (for the Standard plan) and includes such features as:

    • Email groups

    • Email sharing

    • Folder sharing (with delegation)

    • Recall sent email

    • Email forwarding/routing

    • Active Sync

    • Email aliases

    • Group email alias

    • Domain alias

Zoho Mail also includes a built-in Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Bookmarks and Contacts applications.

  • Cliq: Zoho’s built-in instant messaging platform, which you can use to create group chats and topic-driven channels. Cliq also offers audio and video call functionality.

  • Connect: Team collaboration software that effectively enables you to create your own social intranet, through which employees can share ideas, send files, discuss issues, make announcements and more. Users can even create internal channels for smaller groups to facilitate private conversations.

In the second category, Team Collaboration includes:

  • WorkDrive: Zoho’s online content collaboration platform, which enables you to dynamically store, manage and shares files with both groups and individuals.

  • ShowTime: An online digital training and education platform that enables you to create and share interactive training presentations and monitor learners’ progress.

  • Meeting:  A web conferencing platform featuring audio and visual capabilities, screen sharing and webinar development capabilities.

And finally, in the third category, Office Productivity, you’ll find the following:

  • Writer: A cloud-based word processor that enables you to share documents, leave comments and track changes, all in real-time.

  • Sheet: A spreadsheet-based tool that enables you to generate charts and other data visualizations and create automated workflows to run complex calculations.

  • Show: Presentation software that enables you to create highly customizable, interactive presentations.

* ZOHO is the trademark of ZOHO Corporation. We are ZOHO partners.

Zoho Workplace vs. Google Workspace at a Glance


Cost & Storage

Both Zoho and Google offer multiple licensing plans for their respective office suites, each with a different storage allotment and capabilities relative to its price. They are as follows:


It’s worth noting that Zoho also offers a Mail-only plan that starts at $1 per user, per month (billed annually). Organizations that opt to use this plan gain access to all of Zoho Mail’s features, including email hosting for multiple domains, email and folder sharing and offline access, as well as calendaring functionality.

*For the latest offer details please email

* ZOHO is the trademark of ZOHO Corporation. We are ZOHO partners.

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