Vancouver Lower Main Land Small Business Community

My dear small business community of Vancouver Lower Main Land. These are unprecedented times in the history of mankind. All of us are in the same boat with pretty much the same set of challenges. All of us are trying hard day and night to help each other as well as keep the business running.

Over a period of time, we have noticed various Facebook pages where many of us are posting our services from time to time. One of the biggest challenges we have noticed is that the Facebook pages update so often that we lose track of business names, what they do, and their contact details.

So this is a simple effort to have a consolidated page just for Vancouver Lower Main Land Small Business Community. Businesses can post their - 

  1. Name

  2. Services / Products

  3. Contact details


This is FREE for all to update their business information so others can see and reach out to them as well you are free to read the data and use it as you please.

DOs and DONT' and Disclaimer at the bottom of page


  1. Added your data if you are genuine and interested.

  2. Fill in valid data only.

  3. Please only add North Delta business data only.


  1. Please do not update data if you are not a North Delta Business community.

  2. Please do not add if you are not sure about the data.

  3. Please do not add any private data which you do not wish to share.

  4. Please make sure only the owner or authorized person updates the data here.


This is a goodwill good intent service for all to use.

We neither own nor claim to own the information provided. This is just an aggregation page. This is a free service. If anyone wishes to remove their contact details please email This data will be used only for advertising various services and products. We will try to advertise this page so the various business can see the list and reach out to the various businesses.

As soon as we receive a request to delete the data we will do so without any questions asked. Since this is free service to help Vancouver Lower Main Land Small Business Community make sure you spread the news as well as use to help local businesses grow.