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Sheridan Lawrence Inn


Sheridan Lawrence Inn


Alberta, Canada


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Sheridan Lawrence Inn is a waterfront hotel. It has a casino. Along with a casino, this hotel has a restaurant and a bar/lounge.

Project Brief

The hotel is located in Alberta and has an amazing river-side view. They did not have an online presence and hence we were required to make do their branding which includes Logo design and Stationery design. We were also required to design and develop their E-commerce Website from scratch gathering data and messages. Also Setup of the POS system for their liquor store and connecting everything under one umbrella. We were later also asked to do Payroll and Book-keeping services for them.

Brand Identity Design

Monogram Design For the Logo




An SL monogram is made to be used for smaller spaces. The monogram design clearly depicts the elegance of the hotel space. Combining the S and L and playing with the sizes and curves gives the monogram its essence.

Final Logo 1.png

Logo Details


Playfair Display SC

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a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 

Color Selection

Stationery Design

All Stationery.jpg

Website Design and Development

Monogram Design For the Logo

The website Designing process is done in the following process - 





concept development-2 1.png


LFM 1.png


final ui 1.png

Final Design

The website design had to cater to various services of the Hotel namely, Restaurant Room Booking, Online food Ordering (Copper Cookery), Online Cocktails Ordering (Hide-A-Way Pub) and Online Liquor purchase (Sheridan Liquor Store).

Final Design

Homepage Design

Room booking.png

Online Booking Systems

Point Of Sale (POS) Systems

POS systems were installed and set up for the Copper Cookery, Hide-a-Way Pub, and Sheridan Liquor Store.

Payroll & Book-keeping

A Cloud-based safe-secure accounting and bookkeeping system. The system enables access from anywhere using just a web browser as well as a mobile app. Extensive reporting capabilities and customizations are possible.

A Cloud-based safe-secure payroll system that can be integrated with accounting software. The system enables access from anywhere using just a web browser. Ability to grant access for the employee portal and email payroll stubs.

SLI Payroll.jpg
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