Atul Sali
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Atul Sali

Co-Founder / CEO

Atul Sali holds degrees in mechanical engineering with decades of experience in software technologies. Anything innovative means fun and new ideas that have the potential to change the world for better are always welcome. A people person who loves the outdoors.

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Santoshi Desai

Co-Founder / Director

2019 - Women in Business Award winner from SBOT. Detail-oriented and loves to play with numbers. Doing maths and tallying numbers is fun.

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Jay Karnatakam

Senior System Analyst

Jay is a valued senior system analyst who helps with day-to-day functioning of IT systems. He loves to travel and enjoys weekends amidst nature. He is a good listener and likes to take on new challenges in the wider milieu of computer information systems.

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Dr. Manohar Choudhari

Technology Advisor

Dr. Choudhari holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Computer engineering from Bulgaria. He is passionate about cloud computing and big data analytics. He is currently working on a number of projects related to the Internet of Things and believes in making the education system stronger.

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Shraddha Bhuwalka

Visual Designer

Shraddha is a highly enthusiastic and skillful Visual Designer, Architect and interior designer with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. She is skilled in graphic design software tools such as Autocad, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. She has a flair for designing interiors with aesthetic and practical elements.

About Us

At Orange Oranges Technologies we value Integritythe human touch & being a technologist. Along with our niche technology experience, we bring energy and new ideas.


The seed of creating something new for the betterment was sowed at home in my childhood. My formative years were filled with memories of bonding with people from several different backgrounds and everyone had a purpose to do something in life. In my growing years, I always nurtured a dream of doing something for the betterment of society locally and globally.

We strongly believe & understand that Industrial Revolution 4.0 is going to change the lives of each & every human being forever & for good. We focus on various technology areas & especially passionate about enterprise-grade technologies.

​We have delivered end-to-end solutions from conceptualization to design, implementation, delivery & support. We are passionate to bridge the gap between technology & human.


We started in Jan 2016 and our co-founder Santoshi has been awarded by Surrey Board of Trade in 2019 with Women in Business under Entrepreneurship category.


We are proud of this achievement as our customers have backed our expertise.


Our philosophy is simple - to share our global experience, expertise, and knowledge; honestly. To make sure we make a happy difference to our customers, partners, and employees.


Our Expertise

Our co-founders & team have decades of experience working across the globe for various multinational companies. This brings experience & passion to deliver the right solution.

‘Orange Oranges Technologies’ was created with the intention of delivering digital technology services, especially enterprise-grade technologies in different disciplines.. We as IT professionals, having global experience working with multinational IT Consulting companies across the globe. We have been part of multiple projects with dynamic challenges and multiple teams spread across the globe. This unique experience makes us blend easily with various cultural diversities and helps us bridge the business & technology challenges found in most of the organizations.​


Apart from technology, ​we bring deep expertise in terms of local culture and sentiments. We are proud to be a Canadian company.

- Business Process Consulting

- System Integrations - Cloud / API / SOAP / REST / EDI & many more

- Human Resource Technologies (SAP & non-SAP ERP)

- Web Technologies
- Internet of Things

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Head Office - British Columbia, Canada


Phone: +1-604-704-5626

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